Stuart Fl. Yellowfin Tuna Charters:

One of the strongest, most beautiful, and downright tastiest fish in south Florida’s waters, the yellowfin tuna is considered a prized catch anywhere in the world. With explosive strikes, blistering runs, and back breaking strength. Yellowfin tuna offer up firm pinkish, opaque meat that tastes so good I’m salivating as I write this. From sashimi to jerky, seared to grilled, not only is it one of the best eating, but also one of the most exciting fish to target South Florida.


On our Florida tuna charters yellow fin tuna average 60 to 80 pounds, with the occasional encounter with the 100 to 150 pound fish. Fl. record is 240 lbs. and although we haven’t caught one in the 200 lb class yet, we have seen them. Primarily targeting these fish on the other side of the Gulf Stream where cooler, nutrient rich, bait concentrated eddies butt up against the northern bound current. Purple water, weed lines, bait, and birds, outline the target rich areas.

Using our 12 KW Furuno Radar, we mark packs of birds feeding on bait as the tuna push it to the surface. From as far as 6 miles away we can pin point the action and run and gun from pack to pack. Often as you approach the birds you can see the splashes of huge yellowfin tuna busting baits and leaping clear out of the water long before you can make out the swarms of birds circling overhead. Witnessing scenes right out of Nation Geographic, these trips provide some of the most amazing days on the water.

Other fish we catch during our Fl. tuna charters are dolphin, wahoo, blackfin tuna, marlin, sailfish and barracuda. Trolling, live baiting, and jigging are some of the best ways to target these brutes, and trust me, these fish are no joke. Before the trip, get plenty of rest and eat your Wheaties!


Stuart Fl. Fishing Charters offer the chance to catch:

Sailfish | Dolphin  | Wahoo | Kingfish | Tuna | Marlin | Swordfish | Amberjack | Cobia | Permit | Tarpon | Snook | Grouper | Snapper

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