Scotty, we wanted to thank you for taking us fishing on Off The Chain. My parents have owned a house and boat in Stuart for 10+years, so my good friends, Matt & Pete and I typically book a 3-4 day trip in January to fish. This year we decided that we would have a lot more fun chartering you as opposed to doing all of the work ourselves. I have heard so many great things about you over the years- and we weren’t disappointed. You were nice, fun, prepared, and you worked HARD and SMART to help us catch A LOT of fish.

After our first day of fishing, as we walked off of the dock, Pete said “that was the best day of fishing in my life- for several reasons!

  • We caught a lot of fish! Just in the first day-we caught 3 for 7 on sails, 2 more sails swimming around the boat, several dolphin in the cooler- what more could we want????!!!!
  • We were able to relax and have you worry about getting all the bait, rigging the teasers, flying the kites, and driving the boat. We just had a great time and caught fish.
  • As we pulled back into the dock, we were able to head home for some rest and fish with you again the next day- no washing our boat, carrying ice/food/drinks back to the house, cleaning rods, etc.
  • We were able to learn how a first-class, tournament winning captain fishes so successfully!

Scotty, in all seriousness, deciding to charter with you changed our trip from a weekend-fishing-getaway into the trip of a lifetime! We are seriously considering selling our boat and just chartering with you when we get to Stuart- we would have a lot more fun, save a lot of money- and catch a lot more fish!

Looking forward to heading to the Bahamas with you soon- we’ll be in touch!

Keep up the great work- you are the best in the business!


Nashville, TN



Thanks for a fantastic morning! Truly a dream scenario for me. I was hoping you would put me on some cobia so we could test our lures in Florida. Wow, did you ever deliver. You put me on the fish, the Ronz did their thing and you put the icing on the cake with some world class underwater photos. I couldn't have asked for a better day. You're a pleasure to fish with. I look forward to many more trips aboard "Off the Chain." Thanks again Scott.
Jim Mandly
Ronz Lures

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