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Stuart Fl. Dolphin Fishing Charters:

With year round availability, a ferocious strike, spectacular jumps, and a 5 star menu rating, its no wonder why dolphin, (mahi mahi) are one of the most targeted species during Florida fishing charters.

sport fishing charters stuart fl.

Dolphin are know as the fastest growing fish in the ocean and definitely eating machines. The average fish we catch out of Stuart is 8 to 20 pounds but larger fish in the 40 to 60 pound range do show up on occasion, especially as by catch during our Fl. tuna charters.  The Florida record is 81 pounds and was caught in 2011 just a few miles south of Stuart. 

dolphin charters out of Stuart Fl.stuart fl. saltwater fly fishing charters

Dolphin can be found in all depths of water, but off the Treasure Coast most of our fishing for them takes place along our Eight Mile Reef in 135 feet of water , and our sea mount called “The Hill” in 350 feet of water located not even 10 miles out of the Saint Lucie Inlet.

Dolphin hang around weed lines, pieces of float, and bottom structure, they migrate up and down the coast in packs or schools usually eating everything that gets in their way.

dolphin charters stuart Fl.stuart fl fishing charters near orlando fl.

 Often after hooking a fish the entire school will follow them up to the boat in hopes of receiving more food. This glutinous behavior makes them the perfect quarry for anglers of all skill levels, light tackle charters and fly fishing enthusiasts. 



Stuart Fl. Fishing Charters offer the chance to catch:

Sailfish | Dolphin  | Wahoo | Kingfish | Tuna | Marlin | Swordfish | Amberjack | Cobia | Permit | Tarpon | Snook | Grouper | Snapper

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